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Made with ♥︎ in New York City.

We launched Reboot and Reboot+ in the wake of COVID-19. Our mission is to help businesses not only to recover from this crisis, but to come back even stronger.

Steven J. Wellegehausen
Founder of ADFS.NYC

Ingo They are always there for you and whenever you have a problem, they immediately come up with a solution. What I like the most is the friendly atmosphere. It’s like working with a good friend. I highly recommend Ad First Sight’s services. You really get your money’s worth. Ingo Roepke Dennis Steven (the owner) in 3 words: Creative, smart & solution-oriented. A great collaboration and a smooth process of creation. Absolute recommendation for every entrepreneur looking for a meaningful website and other services. Dennis Scharenberg Steffen I am very happy with my new website and the social media campaign! The team has outdone itself. Steffen Lossie Steffen Working with Steven is a great experience. He is friendly, competent, and supportive. I am happy to have worked with him and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks, Steven! Selin Gez Steffen The service is great! Cooperative, friendly, professional, very fair price! I love my website and I am grateful for the help and answers to all my questions! Dani Waylon Steffen Thank you for the amazing work, Steven! Professionalism and creativity obviously lead to great results. I really love my new website. It helps me a lot in order to gain more awareness and trust from my customers and business partners. The design is state-of-the-art and nevertheless unique. I'm looking forward to our future tasks! 🙂 Timon O. Schulz Steffen Steven (the owner) has supported me with my website for months now and I am extremely satisfied with his work! His broad knowledge all around web design and marketing has helped me tremendously. Steven is a true expert in his field and he has always been able to quickly answer all my questions and solve all my website-related problems. Selin Gez Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Write a review
ADFS | Reboot ($64.50/mo*) ADFS | Reboot+ ($74.50/mo*)
Custom Website Custom Website
Hosting (1 .com domain included) Hosting (1 .com domain included)
Monthly Backups & Updates Weekly Backups & Updates
30 Minutes of Support 60 Minutes of Support
Online Shop
* Prices are for 3 months with a 12-month agreement. After the first three months, you will be charged the full price (Reboot $129/mo, Reboot+ $149/mo). You can cancel anytime after 12 months.

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